Gboard Moisture Resistant


Gboard offers the full spectrum of plasterboard (also known as gypsum board, drywall or wallboard). It ranges from standard boards for general use, to technical boards with fire, water and impact resistance properties.

All Gboard types are manufactured to the highest quality standards in Saudi Arabia by ASK Gypsum Factory Ltd. Gypsum boards are 99.9% natural. They are light, strong and easy to cut and handle.

Gboard Water Resistant type is available in several thicknesses and edges to meet the construction needs. It contains a non-combustible and water repellent gypsum core that accommodates a variety of decorative finishes after proper surface preparation.

Key Features

Non-Combustible, Excellent Thermal Insulation, Easy toDecorate and Remodel, Easy to work with, Energy efficient, Free VOC, Recyclable, Light , Strong


Gboard Water Resistant type is mainly used inside the building in the wet and high humidity areas, such as toilettes and kitchens. It can be applied directly using screws, nails, and adhesives or fixed to metal framings depending on the mounted surface. It could be used as a single layer as well as double or multi-layered systems, with the right fire retardant sealant on the perimeters of the partitions and ceilings.

• Areas of Applications: False Ceiling, Drywall Partitions and Dry-Lining

• Limitations of Use: Gboard Water Resistant type is not suitable for the use in the external areas.

Standard Sizes & Shapes

• Thicknesses: 9.5, 12.5, 15, 15.9 & 18 mm

• Width: 1200 mm (metric) & 1220 mm (imperial)

• Length: 2400 mm (metric) & 2440 mm (imperial)

• Edges: Square, Beveled, Tapered, Rounded,

Half-Rounded, Half-Rounded tapered edges